Gender disparities are no longer silent subjects. Education is the biggest field to introduce any massive change in society. With the spreading of awareness about gender discrimination at all levels, we find many self-sustaining and crowd drawing movements by young leaders of colleges. Women Development Cells (WDC) is one such cell which plays an important role in voicing opinions on important matters that affect the daily life of women students. The cell provides a platform where female students can comfortably participate and share their views. The objective is to actively promote gender equality and at Vedanta College, Mumbai we are quite particular about voicing one’s independent opinions. With the help of various activities the cell provides our female students the opportunity to rise above and also support others who need a little push.


Report On Thali-Decoration Workshop Date-22nd August,2019.

 Venue- Library

 Time-10.30 am

On 22nd August,2019, Women Development Cell of Vedanta College organized “Thali Decoration Workshop”in College Library at 10.30 am, which was conducted by Mrs. Kareena Chanchlani, around 20 girls participated with great enthusiasm in workshop.

A decorated thali is a very important component for performing the pooja. You may use this thali on any/every occasion such as Marriages, Navratri, Ganpati, Diwali, Durga Puja, Rakhi, Karwa Chauth puja and many other festivals.The main aim of the workshop was to motivate and help students to exhibit there talent

Mrs.Kareena Chanchlani started the workshop by providing information to the girls students about the raw materials required and used in decorating thali. Further,workshop continued for 2 hrs as she trained students by demonstrating them and also she let the students put there hands for decorating Thali.

All the girls with great zeal and enthusiasm participated in the workshop. The basic aim of the workshop was also to enrich the girls to come up with there hidden talent and creativity. Mrs. Kareena also gave an opportunity to the students saying that if they made such decorative thalis,than she would help them to display their art on a great platform like- Snap deal.

 List of Teacher Participants:

1.Sadhana chhatlani 2.Heena Manwani 3.Pallavi Nhayade

Report On Thali-Decoration Competition

Date-26th Sept,2019

 Venue- Library

 Time-10.30 am

On 26th Sept,2019.Women Development Cell of Vedanta College organized “Thali Decoration Competition” in College Library at 10.30 am. 6 girls participated with great enthusiasm in workshop.The girls were asked to bring the required material and decorate thali in there own creative way.

All the girls with great zeal and enthusiasm participated in the competition. The basic aim of the competition was also to enrich the girls to come up with there hidden talent and creativity.The winner was basis of imagination, creativity and organization of used materi

Soap Making Report

On 24th January ,2019,Vedanta College organised Soap making workshop under women development cell. Mrs Kareena Chanchlani was invited for conducting the workshop at 11.30 am in the Auditorium for female students of Degree College. The students participated great zest and enthusiasm. She began the workshop by introducing the materials required for soap making.

In everyday life we use soap to wash dishes, clean clothes and keep our bodies presentable to nose and eye. Nowadays soaps are also used as a return gifts as a symbol of sharing happiness on occasions like Baby showers, birthday parties etc. During the workshop students learnt about different types of soaps such as Organic soap, Milkbase Soap, Glycerine Soap, Medicinal Soaps etc.


Women safety is becoming a prime in today’s time. Self defence is a prime step for a women security and well being. Many students and staff face unwanted situations during travelling or even in their day to day routines.

A workshop on Self Defence for women was organized in Vedanta College under Women Studies Centre. On 24th Jan, 2020. All the female students of college were gathered in the Auditorium at 12:30 pm and were given demonstration on Self Defence techniques by Mr. Siddhesh Shelke and his team. The workshop showed large number of participants.

Report on Seminar on Women Empowerment

On 4th March, 2020 a seminar on Women Empowerment was conducted by Vedanta College under NSS unit in collaboration with WDC committee. The seminar was organized in the college auditorium at 11:30 am for the students of Vedanta College.

The speakers of the seminar were:

Sudhakar Suradkar (Senior Police Inspector) Deepali Wagh (PSI- Police Sub Inspector) The objective of the seminar was to highlight:

  1. Create awareness about cyber crime.
  2. To encourage students for appearing in competitive exams and guidance was given for the same.
  3. Highlighting ways to make female students income generative.
  4. To make female students aware of their rights in society.