1. The Vedanta College, Vithalwadi

  • The College: The College is the Vedanta College, Vithalwadi
  • The Board: The Management Board of Vedanta College, Vithalwadi. The Board is responsible for the students and includes those to whom any of the duties of the Board have been delegated.
  • Term: The term refers to the Vedanta College terms dates set by the Board and the college Manager at the beginning of the college year
  • The Parents: The parents are those who have parental responsibility for the student. Parents are expected to give their support to the aims of the Vedanta College and to uphold and promote its good name; to continue the student’s education at home and to ensure that the student maintains appropriate standards of punctuality, behaviour, diligence, language, discipline and dress code.
  • Aim of the Vedanta College: The Vedanta College is committed to the delivery of Education from Grades _____________ in India and all Enrichment Programmes of the college.
  • The Standard Terms and Conditions: The Fee Schedule and the Vedanta College Rules, as varied from time to time, are part of these Standard Terms and Conditions.
  • Power of the Board: The Board has the following power: imposition of sanctions including exclusion for non-payment of fees, suspension during investigation or following a breach of Vedanta College discipline, and removal or expulsion under Section 6 below. It is a condition of remaining at the college that parents and the student accept the Board’s rules that apply from time to time.

2. Care and Good Discipline 

  • Parents’ Authority: The parents authorise the Vedanta College to take and/or authorise all decisions that safeguard and promote the student’s welfare. Parents give consent to such physical contact as the Vedanta College may deem necessary for teaching and for providing comfort to a student in distress or to maintain safety and good order or in connection with the student’s health. The college may also consent on behalf of the parents to the student receiving emergency medical treatment if the parents cannot be contacted at the time consent is required. All such expenses incurred will be for the parents’ account.
  • Conduct and attendance: Parents will use their best endeavours to encourage the student to attend each Vedanta College day (unless prevented by fever, infectious diseases or other sickness) and to comply with the college’s Rules and to support its intrinsic college values.
  • Sickness: Parents agree to ensure that the student will not attend Vedanta College if the student shows symptoms of an infectious disease and have the responsibility to inform the college in writing.
  • The student’s health: Parents must declare all significant medical behavioural, psychological and emotional problems, which might affect the student’s health and/or ability to learn. Parents must inform the Vedanta College in writing if the student develops any known medical condition, health problem or allergy or will be unable to take part in games, activities or expeditions or has been in contact with infectious diseases.
  • The student’s participation in activities: Students are expected to participate in physical and outdoor education, activities, pastoral care and service as part of the Vedanta College’s curriculum. Parents agree that the student in so participating does so at the student’s own risk and that the Vedanta College shall not be liable or responsible for any accident or personal injury sustained or suffered by the student or any damage to property however caused while the student is participating in such activities. Parents further agree to indemnify the college from all claims whatsoever and howsoever caused, sustained or suffered by the student whilst participating in such activities.
  • Respect towards Staff members: The Vedanta College is responsible for providing a safe and respectful environment for all its staff members as such the college has a zero-tolerance policy on any violence or abusive acts both physical and verbal against any of our school staff members. Anyone found responsible for causing hurt will be subjected to an enquiry and further actions may be taken by the college.

3. Admission to the Vedanta College

  • Registration: Students will be registered as candidates for entry into the Vedanta College for the forthcoming academic year when a fully completed Application Form, all supporting documentation and the Application Fee are submitted to the college Administrator before the student’s commencement date.
  • Application Fee: The Application Fee as set out in the Fee Schedule must be paid in order to register an application for any given academic year. The fee is non-refundable whether or not the student is admitted to the college in that academic year and a new fee must be paid for any subsequent application.
  • Entry to the Vedanta College: Entry to the Vedanta College will be subject to the availability of a place and the student meeting the entrance criteria and otherwise satisfying the admission requirements applicable.
  • Entrance criteria: Parents accept that entry is subjective, amongst other matters, to entrance criteria and that the student may be asked to take a test or to be interviewed in order to ascertain whether the entrance criteria have been met, including testing for his/her English language proficiency, learning support needs and/or academic level.
  • Offer of a place and acceptance by payment of enrolment fee: If, in due course, a place is offered, the Enrolment Fee will be payable when the parents accept the offer.
  • Moving between Grade Years: Progression from one grade to the next is not automatic. Students must demonstrate suitability to do so. Where progression is deemed unsuitable, the parents and student concerned will be given notice.

4. Fees and Extras 

  • Items covered: Fees cover the normal curriculum. Other expenses incurred by the Vedanta College or the student may be charged as extras. Details of fees and extras are set out in the Fee Schedule and may vary from time to time. Loss or damage caused by a student may be separately invoiced and must be paid as an extra.
  • Payment of fees and extras: Vedanta College fees must be paid monthly in advance by the 25th of the previous month. Parents undertake to pay these fees by the due date as stipulated by the college, and to pay increases from time to time. Parents agree to pay for the cost of any external examination entry fees for those examinations in which a student is entered.
  • Automatic withdrawal upon non-payment of fees: A student will be deemed withdrawn from the Vedanta College without notice if fees for the following term remain unpaid for a period of two months. Fees will not be refunded or waived for any reason except at the sole discretion of the Board: this includes absence through sickness or residency in Singapore; or if a term is shortened or a vacation extended; or if a student is released before the normal end of Term.
  • Responsibility for payment: Fees are the joint and several responsibilities of each person who has signed the enrollment contract or who has parental responsibility for the student or has paid any fees. The college may withhold any information or property while fees are unpaid.
  • Payment of fees by a Third Party: An agreement with a Third Party to pay the fees or any other sum due to the Vedanta College does not release parents from any liability under these Standard Terms and Conditions unless an express release has been given in writing by the college and signed by the Board.
  • Late payment: The Vedanta College has the right to impose late payment charges, including all related administration and legal costs, for invoices not paid by the due date. The amount outstanding, the late charges and all related costs are payable by the parents. Cheques delivered to the college after the due date will not be considered as payment until the cheques are cleared. Any sum tendered that is less than the sum due and owing may in any event be accepted by the college as part payment of the amount outstanding.  The late fee for late payment of fees is ________ per month. This will be automatically added to tuition fees if payment is not received by the 30th of the previous month or the last day of the month, whichever is earlier.
  • Fees and Late Withdrawals or Withdrawals without notice. All Vedanta College Fees must be paid accordingly before the monthly due date. Should a student withdraw himself/herself from the course, a written notice of withdrawal with 1 Calendar months’ notice and payment must be given.
  • Vedanta College Fees during holidays. The Vedanta College fee structure is based on the entire course per Calendar Year as stated in the Student’s contract under Installment schedule. The college fees must be paid throughout the 12 months of the course duration which may also include college holidays. Any student who is withdrawn from Vedanta College during the college holidays and re-joins after the college holidays will be treated as a brand-new student and all charges pertaining to a new registration fee shall be payable.

5. Events Requiring Notice in Writing 

  • Definitions
  • Notice to be given by the parents means written notice duly signed by the parents and addressed to and actually received and acknowledged in writing by, the Vedanta College Administrator. No other notice will suffice. Written notices can be hand delivered, sent by special or guaranteed delivery post to the college address. Email will not suffice.
  • Withdrawal from the Vedanta College: Notice must be given before a student is withdrawn from the Vedanta College. One month’s notice must be given to the college. If the child is withdrawn before the college start date the application and enrolment fee will be forfeited.

6. Removal and Expulsion of a Student

  • Removal at the request of the Vedanta College: Parents may be required, during or at the end of a term, to remove the student, without refund of fees, temporarily or permanently from the college if, after consultation with a parent and teachers, the Board is of the opinion that the conduct or progress of the student has been unsatisfactory or if the student. And in the judgment of the Board, is unwilling or unable to benefit from the educational opportunities offered (or the board is of the opinion that a parent or student has treated the college or members of its staff unreasonably) and in any such case the Board has the sole discretion to decide on the removal of the student.
  • Expulsion: A student may be expelled at any time if the Board considers (at the Boards absolute discretion) that the student’s or student’s parent’s conduct whether on or off college premises or in or out of term time has been prejudicial to good order or college discipline. There will be no refund of fees following expulsion (and all unpaid fees must be paid).
  • Discretion of Board: The decision to exclude, suspend or require removal of or expel a student and the manner and form of any announcement shall be in the sole discretion of the Board. In no circumstances shall the Vedanta College or its staff be required to divulge to parents or others any confidential information or the identities of students or others who have given information which the Board has acquired during an investigation and which has led to the suspension, the expulsion or the requirement to remove the student.
  • Review: In the event of the expulsion or the requirement to remove the student, the Board will advise parents of the procedure (of which copies are available on request) under which a written application for a review of the decision may be made.
  • Access: A student who has been withdrawn, excluded, suspended, removed or expelled from the college has no right to enter college premises without the permission of the Board.

7. Residency Requirements

  • Students: Students MUST reside with one or both parents and produce either a dependent pass, student pass, permanent resident or Identity Card.
  • Absence of parents: The Vedanta College acknowledges that under exceptional circumstances, both parents might be absent from Singapore. In such circumstances, the college requires, in writing, the name, address and telephone number for 24-hour contact of the adult to whom parental responsibility has been delegated. The college will not accept the delegation of parental responsibility to the domestic helper. The Board has the discretion whether or not to approve the circumstances of parental absence.

10. General Conditions

  • Leaving Vedanta College premises: All students must observe Vedanta College rules in relation to leaving college premises.
  • Liability: The Vedanta College shall not be held liable for accidental injury or loss of property. The college is not responsible for the students’ personal property in college campuses or on the way to or from the college or on any college sponsored activity away from the college.
  • Students’ personal property: Students are responsible for the security and safe use of all personal property and are responsible for ensuring that all such property is clearly marked with the owner’s name.
  • Concerns/complaints: Parents who have cause for serious concern as to matters of safety, care or quality of education must inform the Vedanta College either the college Administrator or directly to the Board members.
  • Progress reports: The Vedanta College monitors each student’s progress and parents will receive regular feedback in accordance with college policy.
  • Learning difficulties: Where a member of staff has a concern about the progress of a student they will arrange for an assessment to see whether learning support is needed. If it appears that further assessment by an educational psychologist is advisable or the student is falling behind with studies, parents will be notified. The parents agree that further assessments may be arranged by the Vedanta College or the parents and at the parents’ expense. The parents acknowledge that our staff are not qualified to make a medical diagnosis of conditions such as those commonly referred to as dyslexia or other learning difficulties. Parents will be asked to withdraw the student without being charged fees in lieu of notice if the Board considers, at his sole discretion, that the college cannot provide adequately for a student’s special educational needs.
  • Withholding information: If it subsequently becomes apparent after admission that any information regarding learning support or special needs has been withheld, or falsified, during the application process, it may lead to the immediate removal of the student from the Vedanta College.
  • Medical: The Board may at any time require a medical opinion or certificate as to the student’s general health.
  • Confidentiality: The parent’s consent on behalf of themselves and the student that the Vedanta College, its officers and staff may obtain, hold, use and communicate, on a need-to-know’ basis, confidential information which, in their opinion, is material to the safety and welfare of the student and others. The parents’ consent to the college communicating with any other college which the student has attended, or currently attends or which a parent proposes the student should attend about any matter concerning the student or about payment of fees, whether or not the information being passed on is also held in machine readable form. Parents’ consent to the college using the students’ work, photographs or other material for purposes such as publicising the college and its students’ achievements.
  • The confidentiality obligation of the Vedanta college shall not apply to: any information which becomes generally known to the public; any information which is, at the time of disclosure, legally in the possession of the college; or any information which is required to be disclosed pursuant to any applicable legal requirement or legal process issued by any court or any competent government authority or rules or regulations or policies of any relevant regulatory body.
  • Examinations: reports and references: The Vedanta College will enter a student’s name for an examination if the Board is satisfied that such is in the best interests of the student. Information supplied to parents and others concerning the progress and character of a student and about examination, further education and career prospects and any references will be given without liability on the part of the college. Where parents are separated or divorced, reports and other information will be made available to both parents at their requests unless certified true copies of court orders prohibiting the same are produced to the college.
  • The use of photographs and images; Parents agree to the Vedanta College using students’ work, photographs of the student and other material for purposes such as publicising the college and its students’ accomplishments to internal and external audiences, including in print and on the college website and the college’s Social Media.
  • Limitation of liability: The limit of the Vedanta College’s liability (whether in contract, tort, negligence, strict liability in tort or by statute or otherwise) to the parents or student however incurred, for any and all claims, shall not in the aggregate exceed the fees collected by the college from the respective parents.
  • Entire agreement: These Standard Terms and Conditions and the enrolment contract signed by the parents supersede any other prior agreements, either oral or in writing, between the parents and the Vedanta College. The parents acknowledge that no representation, inducements, promises or agreements, orally or otherwise, have been made by any officers or staff of the college, which are not embodied herein.
  • Partial invalidity: If any standard Term or Condition is being held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, void or unenforceable. The remaining provisions shall nevertheless continue in full force without being impaired or invalidated in any way.
  • Governing law: These Standard Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of India. The Vedanta College and the parents hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of India.
  • Counterparts: This application may be executed in one or more counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original and all of which shall be taken together and deemed to be one instrument.
  • Interpretation: Headings are for ease of reading only and are not otherwise part of the Standard Terms and Conditions.

11. Force Majeure 

  • Release from obligations affected by Force Majeure: If by reason of Force Majeure (hereafter defined) the Vedanta College is rendered unable wholly or in part to perform its obligations, then upon notice in writing of such Force Majeure to the parents as soon as reasonably practicable after the occurrence of the cause relied on, the Vedanta College shall be released from such obligations to the extent to which they are affected by the circumstances of Force Majeure and for the period during which those circumstances exist.
  • ‘Force Majeure’ herein means any of the following events: a) war, invasion, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or civil war; b) act of Government; c) earthquakes, fire, lightning, storms, floods or any other occurrence caused by the operation of the forces of nature; d) strikes, lockouts, boycotts or labour disputes; e) terrorism, sabotage or arson; f) epidemic or infectious disease; or g) any other event similar to any of 1 foregoing or any other event beyond the control of the Vedanta College.