Sports & Physical Education Department

Aspirations transform ordinary people into extraordinary achievers, it works as fuel for the progress, and Vedanta Foundation’s Vedanta College does the same thing in the area of Sports & Physical Education. The Sports & Physical Education department of College motivates students for sports by organising workshop, by giving proper training and guidance. College also has unique selection process at the starting of every year to select sports person from its students. Therefore, many students of the college have actively participated in various sports at National level, State level, University and intercollegiate level and achieved respectful awards too. College has a huge sports ground and well equipped inhouse gymkhana and trainer for the various sports like Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Carrom, etc. It also provides scholarships and sports kit to best performer in the sports at National, State or University Level.

No. of participation and Awards

A.Y. AcademicAssociation / NationalIntercollegiateStateUniversityOthersGrand Total
2017-180100 1
Grand Total16212119380
Academic Year and EventsAssociationIntercollegiateOthersStateUniversityGrand Total
Agarwal College010001
10th senior Assam National Tchoukball championship 2018-19100001
Andhra Pradesh Langadi association & Langadi Federation of India100001
CM Chashak Kho-Kho Tournament (Kalyan Zone)000101
Cm Chashak Kho-Kho Tournament (Ulhasnagar Zone)000101
GVP Acharya College Shelu030003
Intercollegiate Cross-Country Tournament 2019-20010001
Kho-Kho Tournament University Level 2018-19000011
Langadi Association of India100001
Maharashtra government000606
Maharashtra Govt. Sport Department00012012
Maharashtra Junior State Tchoukball Championship2018-19100001
Maharashtra State Rockball Championship 2018-19100001
Maharashtra State Roll Ball Association200002
Maharashtra Ball Badminton Association200002
Mayor Chashak001001
Pune Municipal Co. Sports Department100001
Rocball Amateur Association100001
Rockball Amateur Association100001
S.S.T College, Ulhasnagar040004
The Solapur City & Dist. Ball-Badminton Association100001
University of Mumbai00001111
Aditya Sonawane Cup001001
All India Golden Jubilee Kho-Kho Association100001
All india Nagpur Mayor Cup000101
G.V Acharaya institute020002
Intercollegiate Cross-Country Tournament 2019-20010001
Lalithram Sports academy100001
Navjyot Sports academy Belgaum100001
S.S.T College, Ulhasnagar020002
University of Mumbai000066
V.G Vaze College Mulund010001
V.G.Vaze College Mulund010001
Waman Mhatre College010001
Grand Total16213211980