There is no unfortunate person on this earth than the one who is able to read but is unwilling to read. Although the seeds of reading habit are sown in the early childhood but it’s in full bloom when the child is of college going age.

Vedanta College (Degree College) opens up a wide range of opportunities to the student and that is when he explores books as per his interests. Reading at this age helps him to reflect, analyze and critique the given text. To be able to express one’s own opinion and also be able to put it in an appropriate language with the proper choice of words is what education is about. This is exactly where Reading Forum of Vedanta College assists the undergraduate student. The forum which is of the student, by the student and for the student is nothing less than a nursery of informed citizens. Newspaper reading sessions, book review presentations, essay writing competition, quiz and other wide range of activities keeps the members on toes throughout the year. Reading Forum also facilitates its members to borrow extra book from library apart from the regular ones. Reading also exposes them to the general knowledge and current affairs not to say the language exposure in the form of vocabulary building, sentence structure, sentence types, grammar, syntax and much more. Members also share the link of various reading sites. This helps them to access various out of print books. The various Book reading apps like Book Hub, Any Books, Books Library, Oodles Books and Free Books also helps the members for a quick catch with their favorite authors on their mobile screen.