The University of Mumbai proposes industrial visit as a part of regular curriculum for Professional Courses and the fees charged of Rs.500/-

Our students have got good exposure for the past 5 years visiting various industries like

  • Sterlite Technologies, (Silvassa)        
  •  Sterlite Industries. (Aurangabad)     
  •  Sterlite Industries. (Sesa Goa)
  •  Sula wines (Nasik)
YEAR2016-17 (students)2017-18(students)2018-19(students)

Reports on the various industrial visits:

Report on Industrial visit at Rakholi plant

On 17th Jan, 2020 Vedanta College, Vithalwadi organized an Industrial Visit to Sterlite Technologies Limited, Silvasa for First Year’s students with the objective to provide a practical perspective of work place and to fill a gap between theoretical and practical knowledge.

The journey started around 7:00am from Vedanta College and we reached the plant around 01:30pm. The students were warmly welcomed by Miss Rajni (HR manager) and the team. The students were given instructions regarding safety measures to be followed during the plant visit after that the students were taken for the lunch. Later the students were taken to the plant where they were divided into 3 groups for plant visit by Mr. Shinde (An Executive of production department) and team. The students got the chance to know the overall production process of Optical Fiber the working of different machines and quality check units were also introduced to the students.

Plant run continued till 04:30 pm. Students were than gathered in the conference room where
Mr. Rahul Mishra (Sr. HR Manager) highlighted the achievements of Sterlite Technologies Limited through video and power point presentation. Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were enriched from insights shared by industry experts by interaction.

The plant visit concluded with some refreshments around 6pm and the students reached the college at 11:30 pm on same day.

Industrial visit, Silvassa 17th January, 2020

The Industrial visit of First Year classes of Vedanta College, Vithalwadi was conducted on 17 January, 2020 at Silvassa. In all 170 students accompanied by ten staff members attended the visit. Four buses were booked for the purpose. The reporting time for the staff and students was 6:00am. The journey started at around 7:45 am from the college premises. The entire journey was coordinated by Mayank Agnihotri. As `the buses reached Vasona bridge, all the four buses were diverted to different plants.

Bus ‘A’ was diverted to Chinchwad plant where the students visited Sterlite Tech Ltd. The team was coordinated Mr. Dileep Raut and Mr. Harish Jadhav. Mr. Lean team gave a presentation about the activities conducted in industry and whole production process of copper in the conference hall. After presentation the students were taken for plant visit where the HR Manager Ms. Dileep Raut gave full information about the manufacturing process of copper optic. Students also got an opportunity to meet Quality Assessment Manager who guided them about the quality assessment procedure.

Bus ‘B’ and bus ‘D’ were diverted to Rakholi plant where the team visited both the plants of Sterlite Industries Ltd. Thirty six students visited the optic fiber plant and 46 students visted the copper conductor manufacturing plant. The HR Manager Ms. Rajani and Ms. Dilnaz warmly welcomed the students and the college staff. Presentation regarding the production process and also the safety measures to be followed while in the company premises were explained to the team in detail. Plant visit was followed with a short break for lunch. Mr. Avinash and Mr. Shinde explained the production process to the eager team. The visit ended at around 4:30 pm. Students were provided with tea and snacks. Ms. Titiksha Salve and Mr. Ajaykant Prasad presented vote of thanks on behalf of the Vedanta College.

Bus ‘D’ reached Dadra and Nagar Haveli at 2:00pm. The Sterlite Plant at Dadra Nagar Haveli manufactures the copper cable and fiber cable. The team was coordinated by Mr. Kiran and Mr. Dharmendra. Ms. Devyani gave the presentation and explained the theoretical process of production. Plant Head Mr. Gangadhar Kardile encouraged students through his motivational speech. The visit ended at around 5:00 pm. Ms. Geeta Mudliyar from First year delivered vote of thanks on behalf of all students.

The return journey started at around 6:00 pm and the buses reached the college premises at 11:30 pm. All students were filled with gratitude towards the management of Vedanta for providing them with a unique experience. Most of the –parents came to pick up their child and by 12:00 all students dispersed.

Report on Industrial visit (Aurangabad)

Vedanta College of Management and Information Technology conducted an Industrial Visit for the students of Second Year of BAF, BBI, and BMS & IT on 17thJanuary, 2020 at Sterlite Technologies, Waluj, and Shendra in Aurangabad. The students and staff assembled at Kalyan station on 16th January,2020, to board Aurangabad bound Nandigram Express at 05.35 pm. Attendance of students was taken on the platform as well as in the train. Total 175 students were present for the visit. Below is the class wise detail.

ClassNo of students present

The journey started at 05:35 pm. The train arrived at the Aurangabad station at 12:10 am. The Sterlite Staff came to receive us at the station and escorted us to Hotels Atiti . Between 7:30 to 8:30 breakfast was served and then the students were taken for the company visit.

The students were divided in two groups. 90students were taken to Waluj site and the other 85 were taken to Shendra site.

At Waluj and Shendra site students were given a warm welcome by the staff of the STERLITE TECH. They were at first taken to a conference room where the team briefed them about the history, functioning and technological aspects of the company. The students were also briefed about the safety and security measures to be taken while in the company premises. After the interactive session students were further divided in batches of 20 each and taken for internal as well as external visit in Waluj plant and two batches at Shendra plant. The students and staff were given disposable clothes to wear to ensure safety procedures. It was actually a learning experience for the students to see the manufacturing of optical fiber cables which are used in Telecommunication technology. At around 2:00 pm lunch was served followed by another interactive session with Mr. Anil Badoriya, R &D Head.& Mr. Ashish Jehurkar H.R head they inspired the students to develop the necessary skills and aptitude required to excel in the chosen field. He was very pleased to interact with the young minds.

Towards the end the inquisitive students asked questions to the Sterlite Team and they were more than happy to oblige. On behalf of the college staff Mr. Anish Kalwani presented vote of thanks in waluj and in Shendra plant Mr Wendrich Soares did the same. The students left the company premises happy and satisfied and a memento presented by the Sterlite Tech.

At 4:30 in the evening students were taken to the famous historical site called Bibi Ka Maqqbara. The famous tomb of  Aurangazebs wife Dilras Bam Begum, built by his son in the memory of his mother. The visit ended at 7:00 in the evening with light snacks.

Return journey started as everybody reached Aurangabad station at 8:30 pm. Attendance was taken and dinner was provided to the students at the station after which the students were bifurcated as per their respective bogies. Train arrived at 10:15 pm and bogie wise attendance was also taken. The train reached at Kalyan station at around 5:00 am and students and teachers dispersed to their respective routes.

The whole visit was filled with learning and enriching experience for the students.

Parle Company, Khopoli., 25th January, 2020

The Vedanta College arranged an Industrial Visit of Third Year Students to Parle company, Khopoli on 25th January 2020. 97 students and 6 Staff Visited the Company.

The tour was arranged by Vihank leisure. The Students started gathering in the college at 6:00 am and departed towards Khopoli at 7:45 am in two buses. The group reached the Parle Company at 10:30 am. As we reached the site all the students were gathered in the auditorium for interaction. The brief introduction of the company and the biscuit making process was given in the auditorium through an audio visual presentation of 30 min duration. After the presentation the students were taken for the plant visit. The students could see the whole process of biscuit making from mixing to packing. The plant comprised of three sections, biscuit making plant, snack making plant and confectionary making plant. Students were astonished to see the plant which is spread over 12.5 acres of land.

After the visit the students were taken to Aqua-Imagica for enjoyment and fun. The students enjoyed different rides, wave pool and even food.

Students Out-bound trips

  • Every year the college organizes pleasure trip for the toppers (Rankers) of every courses
  • We had pleasure trips for our academic toppers, once in Thailand (14-15), twice in New Delhi (2015-16 and 2017-18),  once in Goa(2016-17) and once Jaipur (2018-19)
  • In the year 2016-17 all the students (about 650) were taken to a one day sponsored trip to Essel world
2017-18DELHI212(T) + 1(NT)
2018-19JAIPUR142(T) + 1(NT)