Vedanta College is proud of its students. With every passing year the students bring glory and accolades to the college and fill the wall of eminence

  • University level Best NSS Program Officer in Rural Area 2018-19 Awards Received by Mr. Prashant Savdekar, SS Program Officer , Vedanta College from University of Mumbai NSS UNIT: University level Best College award in Rural Area, Thane District. 2018-19
  • NSS volunteer Pritesh Mishra was selected for the District Level Pre SRD camp held in Pune from 20th to 22nd September. He also was selected for the State Level SRD camp in university of Mumbai from 17th Jan to 26th Jan. He participated in the march along with the platoon during the Republic Day Parade at Shivaji Park, Dadar.
  • NSS volunteers Shivani Chavan & Miss. Priya Jaiswar was selected for the National Level Adventure Camp held in Shimala from 22th Sept to 1st Oct 2018.
  • NSS volunteer Shivani Chavan was selected for the state level camp held in ADASA, Nagpur, from 22nd Jan to 2nd Feb 2019.
  • NSS volunteer Jesika Parmar was selected for the State Level Avhan Camp (chancellor Bridged) held in May 2019.
  • Students played and won 1st prize at the State level Rock ball Tournament. Organised by THE MAHARASHTRA ROCBALL ASSOCIATION (Sep’18) at Pune
  • Vedanta College Students Secured 1st Place in National level Langadi tournament in Andhra -Pradesh.
  • University of Mumbai – 2018-19, Miss Poonam Kasle Secured 8th rank in the final squad of half marathon tournament
  • Miss Vaibhavi Pophalkar secured Second Rank with Silver Medal in Pune Mayor Chashak Kho-Kho (Girls), Pune