About Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) is a three-year undergraduate program that offers advanced studies in the field of management that are necessary to run an organization efficiently. It also provides in-depth knowledge of human resource management, economics, and business studies.

The BMS course provides students with vast knowledge of changing world of management, new business techniques, entrepreneurship, trading, finance, stock and risk analysis. It includes various training sessions and extra and co-curricular activities that are essential for the overall development of the students to help them understand the real-world challenges. BMS also teaches budding entrepreneurs how to expand their businesses with least number of risks.

Students planning to undertake BMS must have team-building qualities and should be able to communicate effectively. They should also have knowledge about the current affairs and the stock market. Students learn to critically analyse situations and to solve the complexities of management.


  • Name of the Department: Bachelor of Management studies
  • Date of Establishment: 2010-11

Activities Conducted:

Sr. NoEvent
1LijjatPapad Industrial Visit
3Poster competition on Demonitization
2Poster Competition on GST
4workshop on “GST and SAP”
5Industrial Visit for BMS Students

Photos of some activities conducted by BMS Department.

  • Poster Competition on GST and Demonitisation
  • Visit to LijjatPapad Industry
  • Workshop on “GST and SAP

Industrial Visit for BMS Students:

Sl. No.Title of the collaborative activityName of the participantYear of collaborationNature of the activity
1Industrial VisitAll students of F.Y.B.M.S2014-2015Field Trip
2Industrial VisitAll students of S.Y.B.M.S2014-2015Field Trip
3Industrial VisitAll students of F.Y.B.M.S2015-2016Field Trip
4Industrial VisitAll students of S.Y.B.M.S2015-2016Field Trip
5Industrial VisitAll students of F.Y.B.M.S2016-2017Field Trip
6Industrial Visit34 students T.Y.B.M.S2016-2017Field Trip
7Industrial VisitAll students of F.Y.B.AF2017-2018Field Trip
8Industrial VisitAll students of S.Y.B.M.S2017-2018Field Trip
9Industrial VisitAll students of F.Y.B.M.S2018-2019Field Trip
10Industrial VisitAll students of S.Y.2018-2019Field Trip
12Industrial Visit36 students of T.Y.B.M.S2018-2019Field Trip