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VCMIT desires to extend the facility of Higher and Professional Education to each and every student who cannot afford the same due to increasing expenses. In order to uplift and improve the student’s academic results and social standards, the college provides required support and industry relevant education thereby making them job-ready. College organizes Placement drives within the college premises. Consequently, the college aims at creating a pool of trained human resource, which can be utilized by the Industry and benefit the individual, as well as the nation..... Read More

Course Details
  • Bachelor of Computer Science

    Course Structure


    All subjects are compulsory
    1.Foundation Course - I
    2.Computer Science -I Computer Organization & Introduction to Microprocessors
    3.Computer Science - II programming in C and C++
    4.Mathematics - I Calculus and Analytic Geometry
    5.Mathematics - II Discrete Mathematics
    6.Physics- I


    All subjects are compulsory
    1. Foundation Course - II
    2. Computer Science - IDM & CG-I
    3. Computer Science - II C++ and Java
    4. Computer Science - III GUI, Visual Basic & DBMS)
    5. Physics-I
    6. Physics - II
    7. Physics- Ill


    1. Computer Science - I.DCN
    2. Computer Science - II. Advance Java
    3. Computer Science - III.0.S. and Linux
    4. Computer Science - IV.DBMS and S.Ea
    5. Applied Component:

    a. Web Design
    b. Dot Net Technologie

  • Bachelor of Management Studies

    Course Structure:

    Semester - I Semester - II
    1. Introduction to Financial Accounts 1. Business Environment
    2. Business Law 2. Industrial Law
    2. Business Law 3. Computer Applications in Business
    4. Business Statistics 4. Managerial Economics - I
    5. Business Communication 5. Business Mathematics
    6. Foundation of Human Skills - I

    6. Principles of Management

    6. Introduction to Cost Accounting
    7. Introduction to Computers 7. Environmental Management
    Semester - III Semester - IV
    1. Management Accounting I 1. Productivity & Quality Management
    2. Managerial Economics - II 2. Direct & Indirect Taxes
    3. Marketing Management 3. Export - Import Procedure & Documentation
    4. Business Aspects in Banking & Insurance 4. Co-operative & Rural Markets
    5 Production & Material Management 5. Research Methods in Business
    6 Strategic Management 6. Public Relations Management
    Semester - V Semester - VI
    1 Human Resource Management 1 Entrepreneurship & Management of Small and Medium Enterprises
    2 Service Sector Management 2 Operation Research
    3 Financial Management 3 International Finance
    4 Elements of Logistics and Supply Chain Management 4 Indian Management Thought & Practice
    5 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 5 International Marketing
    6 Elective-I

    Special Studies in Finance OR
    E- Commerce

    6 Retail Management Special Studies in Marketing
    7 Elective- II

    Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

    Further details for B.M.S.

    R.4163 (I) Total number of lectures per theory paper shall be a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 55, of 50 minutes duration each.
    R.4164 (II) For Projects, the teacher shall initially engage about 5 lectures for orientation. A field Visit shall be organized for data collection and analysis. Before the report is finalized, the student shall present their observations to the faculty wherein the faculty shall provide guidelines for finalization of the same.
    R.4165 Scheme of Examination (3rd Year B.M.S.) . The examination shall be conducted at.the end of each Semester.The paper shall be of 100 marks. The evaluation of the performance of the student in theory papers shall be on the basis of both internal assessment (40%) and Semester End Examination (60%).
    R.4166 (I) Passing Standard and Performance Grading for 3rd Year B.M.S.

  • Bachelor In Commerce

    Course Structure:

    First Year B.COM:
    Foundation Course I Business Economics I
    Business Communication Mathematical & Statistical Techniques
    Environmental Studies Accounting & Financial Management paper I
    Commerce Paper I
    Second Year B.COM:
    Foundation Course II Business Economics II
    Business Law Company Secretarial Practice
    Accounting & Financial Management paper I
    Commerce Paper II
    Third Year B.COM:
    Compulsory Subjects:
    1 Commerce Paper III Business Economics III
    Optional Subjects:
    2 Accounts Group Paper I, II & Ill OR Business Management Group
    3 Paper I, II & Ill
    Applied Component (Any 2 subjects):
    1. Direct & Indirect Taxation Computer System
    2. Export Marketin Sindhi Literature
    3. Industrial Psychology Marketing Research
  • Bachelor banking and insurance

    Course Structure:

    Semester - I Semester - II
    1. Environment & Management Of Financial Services 1. Principles and Practices of Banking and Insurance
    2. Principles of Management 2. Financial Accounting
    3. Effective Communication - I 3. Effective Communication - II
    4. Economics - I (Micro Economics) 4. Economics - II(Macro Economics) .
    5. Quantitative Methods - I 5. Quantitative Methods - II
    6. Introduction to Computer System 6. Business Law
    Semester - III Semester - IV
    1. Laws Governing Banking & Insurance Financial Management - I 1. Universal Banking
    2. Management Accounting (Tools and Tech., Focus on Banking and Insurance) 2. Financial Management - II
    3. Customer Relationship Management in and Insurance 3. Innovation in Banking and Insurancen
    4. Information Technology in Banking And Insurance 4. Corporate Law and Laws Governing Banking Capital Markets
    5. Organizational Behavior 5. Entrepreneurship Management
    6. Taxation of Financial Services 6. Financial Marketing (Equity, Debt. Forex & Derivatives
      7. Cost Accounting of Banking and Insurance
    Semester - V Semester - VI
    1. Marketing in Banking and Insurance 1. Strategic Management (B&I)
    2. Financial Services Management 2. Central Banking
    3. International Banking and Finance 3. International Banking (B&I)
    4. Financial Reporting and Analysis 4. Human Resources Management in Banking and Insurance
    5. Security Analyses and Portfolio Management 5. Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
    6. Auditing 6. Turnaround Management
    7. Project 7. Special Studies in Banking OR 
    Insurance OR
    (Project- Banking and Insurance)
    Further details For B.Com. in Banking And Insurance (BCBI)

    R.4295 (II) A maximum of 60 lecturers per paper per semester would be conducted for duration of 50 minutes each.
    R.4298 (I) Passing Standard and Performance Grading: (THIRD YEAR B.Com. – Banking & Insurance.

  • Bachelor Of Accounting And Finance

    Course Structure:

    FIRST YEAR B.Com (A&F)
    Semester - I Semester - II
    1. Financial Accounting Paper - I 1. Financial Accounting
    2. Cost Accounting Paper - I 2. Auditing
    3. Economics Paper - I 3. Financial Management
    4. Commerce Paper - I 4. Taxation
    5. I.T. Paper - I 5. Business Law
    6. Business Comm. Paper - I 6. Quantitative Methods
    7. Foundation Course Paper - I 7. Business Communication
    Semester - III Semester - IV
    1. Financial Accounting Paper - III 1. Financial Accounting
    2. Cost Accounting Paper - II 2. Management Accounting
    3. Auditing Paper - II 3. Taxation
    4. Economics Paper - II 4. Commerce Paper - II
    5. Business Law Paper - II 5. Business Law
    6. Management Paper - I 6. Information Technology
    7. Foundation Course Paper - II 7. Quantitative Methods for Business Paper - II
    THIRD YEAR B.Com (A&F)
    Semester - V Semester - VI
    1. Financial Accounting Paper - VI 1. Financial Accounting Paper-VII
    2. Cost Accounting Paper - III 2. Cost Accounting Paper - IV
    3. Financial Accounting Paper - V 3. Auditing Paper - IV
    4. Management Accounting Paper - II 
    Financial Statement Analysis
    4. Financial Accounting Paper - VIII
    5. Taxation Paper - Ill 
    Direct Tax Paper - II
    5. Taxation Paper - III Direct Tax Paper - I
    6. Economics Paper - Ill 
    Principle of Management & Applications
    6. Management Paper - II Indian Economy
  • Information Technology

    Course Structure:

    Semester - I Semester - II
    1. Professional Communication Skills 1. Web Designing & Programming
    2. Applied Mathematics - I 2. Applied Mathematics - II
    3. Fundamental of Information Technology 3. Micro Processor & Micro Controllers
    4. Electronics & Communication Technology 4. Data Base Management System (DBMS)
    5. Introduction to C++ Programming 5. Data Communication and Networking Standards
    Semester - III Semester - IV
    1. Logic & Discrete Mathematics 1. Software Engineering
    2. Computer Graphics 2. Multimedia
    3. Advances SQL 3. Java & Data Structure
    4. Object Oriented Programming with C++ 4. Quantitative Techniques
    5. Modern Operating System 5. Embedded System
    Semester - V Semester - VI
    1. Network Security 1. Internet Technologies
    2. ASP.NET with C#.Net 2. Digital Signal Processing
    3. Linux System Administration 3. Data Warehousing)
    4. Advanced Java 4. Elective (Select one of following)
    a. Software Project Management
    b. IPR and Cyber Law
    c. GIS
    5. Software Testing 5. Project
  • Testimonial
    • The college, its Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka staff and teachers have been of great support to me. They had always been around at the time of need, be it…
      Dheeraj Gupta (TYBAF)
    • The College is a great place Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Sale to learn, thanks to its Köpa Venoherron V teachers and staff
      Farin Pathan (TYBAF)
    • The teachers have very good knowledge and are very helpful
      Rubina Chaudhary
    • I would like to thank VCMIT and its entire staff. I find myself lucky for being a part of this institute
      Prathamesh Bendre (TYIT)
    • The College had been of great support through out the course of three years. The teachers are really friendly and knowledgeable.
      Pallavi Singh (TYIT)
    • Vedanta College is a great institution for learning and growth. I am very thankful to the college and management for sending me to an all expense paid trip to Thailand.…
      Ridhi Vibhute (12th Com.)
    • All teacher are very nice & supportive to us. My college is an ideal institution for learning IT
      Siddhesh V Jantre (TYCS)
    • Vedanta college staff is very supportive. The teachers and very nice and approachable. I would like to that the college management and our Principal - Golden Goose Superstar Homme Dr.…
      Premkumar Reddy (TYCS)
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