Dental Check Up Camp - Dental hygiene is widely ignored in India. This dental camp was organized to promote dental hygiene and care amongst the students. the camp was conducted by Dr. Bhavna Wadhwa and Dr. Hitesh Lakhpati. They checked the students for various dental problems such as Decaying, Cavities Enamel Degradation, etc. They prescribed remedial treatments to the students. they advised the students on how to brush their teeth and maintain oral hygiene.

Eye Check up Camp - A regular eye test is the best way to protect our eyesight-- and an easy precaution to take-- as many sight-threatening diseases can be cured or slowed if caught early enough. A eye check up camp was conducted in order create awareness about eye related disorders and also early detection, if any. the students were inspected for eye infections, sight correction etc. Doctors from Esha Hospital Kalyan, Along with their volunteers conducted this eye camp in a successful way.

2. Day 2

Hemoglobin A hemoglobin check up camp was organized for the staff and students. This camp was organized to check levels of hemoglobin, staff and students with lower levels will be sent for further counseling. Total 220 tests were performed.

Gynecologist (Seminar and Check up)

A seminar on 5 Most Common Gynaec Problems Every Woman Must know was conducted by Dr. Sainath Bairagi. He highlighted various issues faced by females and advised the female students to be alert about them. He discussed various health problems and their causes and how they can be avoided.

A Gynaec Health Check up camp was conducted by Dr. Sunita Jagtap. More than 40 female students and staff took benefit from it.

General Check Up Camp

A general check up camp was conducted by Dr. Rajan Pore and Dr. Rammurti Verma. They checked the students for their blood pressure, Body Mass Index, Rapid Sugar etc. few of the students were found with high blood pressure. They were counseled by the team of doctors and were advised a change in diet and eating habits.


Dr. Kalpana Salvi and Dr. Salunkhe undertook a HIV awareness seminar. They were made aware of the causes of HIV and about precautionary measures. Many students wanted to get checked for HIV, the doctors happily agreed. 92 students participated in the test.