Semester - I Semester - II
1. Introduction to Financial Accounts 1. Business Environment
2. Business Law 2. Industrial Law
2. Business Law 3. Computer Applications in Business
4. Business Statistics 4. Managerial Economics - I
5. Business Communication 5. Business Mathematics
6. Foundation of Human Skills - I

6. Principles of Management

6. Introduction to Cost Accounting
7. Introduction to Computers 7. Environmental Management
Semester - III Semester - IV
1. Management Accounting I 1. Productivity & Quality Management
2. Managerial Economics - II 2. Direct & Indirect Taxes
3. Marketing Management 3. Export - Import Procedure & Documentation
4. Business Aspects in Banking & Insurance 4. Co-operative & Rural Markets
5 Production & Material Management 5. Research Methods in Business
6 Strategic Management 6. Public Relations Management
Semester - V Semester - VI
1 Human Resource Management 1 Entrepreneurship & Management of Small and Medium Enterprises
2 Service Sector Management 2 Operation Research
3 Financial Management 3 International Finance
4 Elements of Logistics and Supply Chain Management 4 Indian Management Thought & Practice
5 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 5 International Marketing
6 Elective-I

Special Studies in Finance OR
E- Commerce

6 Retail Management Special Studies in Marketing
7 Elective- II

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

Further details for B.M.S.

R.4163 (I) Total number of lectures per theory paper shall be a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 55, of 50 minutes duration each.
R.4164 (II) For Projects, the teacher shall initially engage about 5 lectures for orientation. A field Visit shall be organized for data collection and analysis. Before the report is finalized, the student shall present their observations to the faculty wherein the faculty shall provide guidelines for finalization of the same.
R.4165 Scheme of Examination (3rd Year B.M.S.) . The examination shall be conducted at.the end of each Semester.The paper shall be of 100 marks. The evaluation of the performance of the student in theory papers shall be on the basis of both internal assessment (40%) and Semester End Examination (60%).
R.4166 (I) Passing Standard and Performance Grading for 3rd Year B.M.S.